Off the beaten track and where few tourists go, is the fascinating temple of Ta Nei.


It is in a state of ruin with collapsed rooves, dilapidated walls and the surrounding forest is slowly engulfing it.

However ramshackle it is, it stole my heart!


The day we visited no one else was there.  It was a tranquil setting with rays of sunlight streaming down through the tall slender trees. With the odd butterfly here and there, the ambience was peaceful and magical.



The beautifully inscribed stones, while lying tossed about, echoed a sense of grandeur.


I found myself daydreaming of how majestic Ta Nei must have once been. I put the puzzle pieces back together and in my mind, I rebuilt the fallen stone walls and imagined Ta Nei in its former glory!




A close up of one of the exquisite devata’s.

Remnants of the paint applied by the Buddhists can still be seen.




Ornate doorway and pediment


Amazing how this stands!

At times we had to be very careful where we walked and even though we could have, we certainly did not go inside any of the galleries as they looked extremely unstable.241


Ta Nei can be found deep in the forest north of Ta Keo and west of the East Baray.