Want some island time, fab fish and great company?  Then a day aboard the ‘Golden Wing’ with Capt’ Peter is for you!


The ‘Golden Wing’ is a trimaran and with the wind in her sails, she’s a real beauty!


There’s plenty of room to laze about on the deck and take in the view.

The day we went out, we were joined by three other snorkelers, four scuba divers and one sun loving land body (she came just for the cruise!)  Peter and his crew, Sam & George, cater for everyone and are full of local knowledge and are great for a chat.


We cruised around Hat Island; aptly named!


We stopped several times to check out the glorious coral and the smorgasbord of tropical fish loitering around. Obviously my camera doesn’t do justice to the wonderful colours that delighted my eyes!


Look!  Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ swam by!

Sorry; now you’re going to have, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” in your brain all day! 🙂


While I was snorkelling, I captured Peter and the other scuba divers.  They spoke of the wonders of the deeper water; they made me want to get my scuba ticket and see it for myself!  Next time…

This was a top, relaxing day of sailing from Havannah Harbour, Efate, Vanuatu.