Buenos tardes amigos!

Isn’t it just Heaven when you walk into your local bottle shop and eye spy a bottle that says ‘buy me’? You don’t care about the price tag because that bottle brings back memories of an awesome adventure in South America.

Yes people, I found a bottle of Pisco in a bottle shop in Brisbane (Australia) and my heart leapt with joy!

I bought the bottle, googled the recipe, and this very afternoon, I whipped up a couple of mouth-watering pisco sours, Peruvian style!

pisco sour

As I sipped away, my mind was cast back to April 2012, to when my husband and I were first introduced to pisco sours at Hotel Maury in Lima, Peru.


It was here in this very hotel that the pisco sour was first created in the 1920’s.  The beautiful timber bar and panelling created an old world charm and a warm atmosphere.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring Lima and here are the highlights of our first day –

annemareeperu 037

Our hotel was a short walk away from the waterfront and we wandered down to Parque del Amor.  Here we found this magnificent statue of ‘El Beso’ (The Kiss) sitting overlooking the sea front.  The bird on top gives you idea of its huge size.

annemareeperu 032

To the left of El Beso, and far off in the distance on the hill, we could see an enormous white statue.  We couldn’t quite make it out, but with plenty of time on our hands, we decided to walk along the beach towards it for a closer look.

annemareeperu 056

We walked to Barranco, and then onto Chilliros and we kept on walking until a chap pulled up in a Moto-taxi and offered us a lift.  It was an interesting experience negotiating a price and indicating that we wanted to see the white statue ‘up there’ when he only spoke Spanish and we only spoke English.  But as always, money speaks volumes and my folding cash saw a smile from him and us on our way!


It was a windy route up with quite a steep incline and we were so glad we were not trekking up by foot. The statue turned out to be of Christ; a whopping 37 metres high! Whoa! Nice!


Here’s a close up of the good Lord himself. Don’t you love the way a bird always perches themselves on top just as you take the photo?


We discovered we had a great view of the city of Lima too.

annemareeperu 086

Our moto-taxi driver deviated on the way back down and took us to a cliff area near a local restaurant.  He stopped and beckoned for us to get out.  He then pointed to the monk you see pictured in the photo and he waved to the monk.  The monk waved back. We waved…and then, with a rope tied to himself, the monk lunged off the cliff into the water below! I was like, “What on earth did he do that for?”  Time passed; like 20 minutes or so.  We watched as the monk heaved himself back up with the aid of the rope.  It was exhausting to watch and I wanted to leave, but the moto-taxi driver would not hear of it.  Why?  You guessed it; it was a tourist trap.  The monk, dripping wet, then approached us and wanted money for his death-defying act! It was a ‘pay up or we don’t leave deal’ 😦  Lesson learnt; waving back can initiate a contract…

annemareeperu 107

In the evening we went to the Circuito Magico del Agua.  It was a beautiful water-park featuring lots of magnificent fountains, interactive water features and a laser light show set to music.

annemareeperu 105


annemareeperu 109

annemareeperu 108

We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the water park and it topped off our first day in Lima to perfection.

To those memories, I raise my glass and say, “Salud!”