Today we decided to climb the beast that is the iconic and awesome Sydney Harbour Bridge!  Known more affectionately as ‘the coat hanger’.

bridge climb 2015

Yay! Here I am with my husband and my daughter on top of this Sydney icon!

Do yourself a favour and tackle the climb whilst in Sydney.

We did a morning climb at a cost of $258 per person.  It included all the necessary gear and a great and informative commentary on the history and the construction of the bridge from our guide.

All in all, the experience is about 3.5 hours and is truly memorable.


The views are amazing.  This photo is looking back towards the city and Circular Quay.


A beautiful side perspective of the Sydney Opera House and for any shipping buffs, that’s the guided missile frigate, HMAS Darwin, coming into Garden Island.


This photo is taken from the top of one of the pylons showing the footbridge up to the pinnacle.  Once at the apex on the climb, you cross over and come down the other side.


“Spectacular, spectacular, no words in the vernacular!”

Yeah, I stole that line from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ movie to sum up the bridge climb!