Ailsa’s theme this week is ‘off-centre’.  Here’s her link

Here I am hiking on the downside of Dead Woman’s Pass in Peru, heading towards Machu Picchu.

My brain coordinating with my body was completely off-centre.  Just jelly really!

I had no trouble hiking up to Dead Woman’s Pass to an altitude of 4,215 metres, but boy oh boy, did I have trouble coming down!

Behind me is one of our guides Jonh, who was laughing himself silly at my hilarious attempts to negotiate the path in front of me!

I’m leaning off-centre to the right, Jonh is leaning off-centre to the left , the path is off-centre and the whole world was off-centre at this point…to me!

annemareeperu 584

Finally arriving at Machu Picchu, I found  stone work where off-centre equals mesmerizing craftsmanship and skill 🙂