Ailsa’s theme this week is ‘mellow’.  Here’s her link

On a recent trip to Phnom Penh, where the days were stinking hot and the price of beer was cheaper than water, mellow in the form of yellow, was the order of the day.

At 89c a mug, and with ‘happy hour’ lasting for two hours, my husband and I found ourselves at the peak of the afternoon sun, indulging on liquid gold to quench our thirst.

What followed, in our ‘mellow’ state, was interesting to say the least!


Selfies in tuk tuk’s were blurred…


We pulled weird faces for no reason…


Stone statues appeared to move, only later to reveal themselves to be real live cats!


We then retired to the upstairs lounge of the Foreign Correspondence Club and as the night closed in, we surrendered to our mellow mood and to the soothing sounds of the Tonel Sap River as she carried her folk with her into the beyond…