Ailsa’s theme this week is ‘feet’. Here’s her link

Gosh, when I think of what I have put my feet through over the years, right at the top of the list would have to be subjecting them to FEEDING FISH!

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, my husband and I plucked up the courage to perch above a tank and dangle our feet into the water…to feed the fish dead skin cells!

I know, so totally gross!


Initially, we weren’t going to do it and then I saw this sign and I thought, “Oh yeah, piece of cake; no risk involved at all!”


To lure us in, the price included a beer or coke and yes… sold to the gullible Aussies!

After the first few minutes of the initial shock of being nibbled away by hungry little mouths, we relaxed to the rhythm of filling those starving little bellies.

We still had ten toes at the end of it and our feet were ever so smooth!