Ailsa’s theme this week is ‘dogs’.  Here’s her link

Santiago, Chile has lots of homeless dogs.  I stopped and chatted to a fair number of them during my visit and I found them to be friendly, welcoming and bilingual.  Yes, that is correct.  They seemed to understand both Spanish and english 🙂


This friendly homeless dog welcomed me on my first day.  He was ever so polite and gave me some terrific pointers on my map.


This one I met in a park.  We sat in the sunshine together and I told him all about my trip.  He listened intently.


I met these three at the B&B where we were staying.

I asked the owner their names and he replied, “Oh, they’re homeless dogs.  I brought them in, gave them a bath then let them chill on my couch”.

Apparently that’s the norm in Santiago.  Look after the homeless dogs.

What an awesome city 🙂