Ailsa’s travel theme this week is ‘intense’.  Here’s her link

The intensity of the Saharan sun back in ’84 was nothing short of a scorcher!

This particular morning saw me whipping around the Valley of the Kings, from tomb to tomb, in a blazing 43 degree heat.  I say ‘whipping around’ because my goal was to see as many tombs as I could before my bus left.  I was pretty happy with my effort but ended up as wet as a shag or in others words, I was dripping with sweat!

And it only got hotter…


Guess where I went next?

This is quite an interesting photo to look back on.  The Sphinx has been heavily ‘restored’ since, especially at the rear end.


It might have been a stinker of a day, but it certainly didn’t dampen my spirits to have fun.  I went for a little joy ride around the Giza plateau on this ever charming camel named Mickey Mouse!


The setting sun still had a fair bit of intensity and sting about it, but there was no better way to finish off the day than being aboard a falouka cruising down the Nile 🙂