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Autumn time! We went for a wander through the top half of Central Park just as the leaves were beginning to turn.  It was quite a cool day, but not unpleasant, with just the right amount of breeze blowing to create a nice sprinkling of falling leaves.

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It is so easy to forget that you are in the heart of a bustling city, but occasionally buildings pop up in the background as a reminder of such and they play their part by contributing some pretty cool reflections in the ponds!

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A beautiful array of colours to warm the soul; a palate of yellow, orange and red.

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Grandiose trees are to be found throughout the park with their outstretched boughs inviting you to stay awhile and explore.

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We came across this beautiful water feature in a floral circular garden. These laughing ladies twirling around the fountain made me smile along with them. Aren’t they just enchanting? The flowerbeds surrounding the water feature were a daisy lovers delight!

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Enter one daisy lover, me!  So many gorgeous daisies; heavenly.  I only took about 50,000 photos of them, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those.

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Finally, here’s Mr. Squirrel.  He was as cute as a button, gathering acorns and hiding them for the Winter.  Well, that was his cover story anyway.

There are squirrels pretty much running all over New York, but they are really government spies collecting intel.  Shhh…not a word!