After a taste of Autumn prettiness from Central Park, I wanted to see more!  I eye-spied ‘Van Cortlandt Park’ on a New York map and as it was located not too far away in the Bronx, we decided it was definitely a goer. We jumped on the subway in mid-town Manhattan and headed north.  It took us about forty-five minutes to get there and most conveniently, the train station was right next to the park!

USA2015_2000 (122)

As we strolled into the park, it looked very colourful and inviting.  We spotted a little information stand, grabbed a map and we were off.

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We crossed the grassy parade ground and as we walked through the boundary tree line. Voilà!  A massive woodland appeared, stopping us dead in our tracks and left us just gawking at its mellow yellow beauty!  I seriously thought I was in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ and at any minute I would see Winnie the Pooh pass by. If I had’ve seen him, it would have seemed perfectly normally because this looked like his home!

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It was a bright sunny day and the golden yellow leaf tones against the clear blue sky were vibrant and dynamic.

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We came upon a clearing and saw this bird (unknown species) doing a spot of fishing.

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No park is complete without a few resident squirrels. There were lots of these tiny folk running around and I couldn’t help but notice that the shade of their black fur was very similar to the colour of the FBI uniform…

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If you plan to visit Van Cortlandt Park, I strongly advise you to take a map or grab one at the entrance.  It is easy to become embedded in the woods and have difficulty finding an exit. We almost spent the night there, even though we had a map!  But that’s another story…