On our recent trip to New York, we decided to jump on a train and head down to Washington D.C. for a few days.

USA2015_2000 (728)

After dropping our bags off at the hotel, we caught the train to Pentagon Station and visited the September 11 Memorial.  The Pentagon is to the right of the photo, but we were asked not to take any photos of the building, which we respected.

Each silver wing bears a name of a person killed in the 9/11 attack. They are placed in age order with the direction of the wing indicating whether the person was a passenger on board the flight or if they were killed inside the Pentagon when the plane struck. Under each bench was a small rectangular water pool with a light, so I am guessing at night, the wings would be highlighted with a soft glow.

The memorial is of a unique design and offers an area of tranquillity for thought and reflection.

USA2015_2000 (766)

Near to the Pentagon is Arlington Cemetery.  It is a sea of white headstones in all directions and so immensely sad.  So many brave and patriotic people who have given their lives for their country.  We took our time, reading the head stones and reflecting on the lives lost.  Lest we forget.

USA2015_2000 (789)

From Arlington Cemetery, we walked to the Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall.

USA2015_2000 (822)

The Lincoln Memorial is huge and makes an impressive statement.  It is here, on the steps, that Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream’ speech.  Inside is the grand Abraham Lincoln statue.

USA2015_2000 (546)

USA2015_2000 (543)

USA2015_2000 (834)

This is the view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, looking over the Refection Pool. We decided to take a walk through the tree-lined paths towards the Washington Monument (needle).

USA2015_2000 (849)

Along the way, this little cutie pie ran up to me and propped for a moment, checking me out.  We had a bit of a Doctor Dolittle chat and I told her what I thought she wanted to know, “I have no peanuts in my pockets today!”

USA2015_2000 (871)

The Washington Monument is in the centre of the National Mall and is spectacularly tall! (Gauge the height from the people walking around its base) The city buildings are not allowed to be taller than it.  Yep, it worked for us.  We used it everyday to keep our bearings!

USA2015_2000 (882)

I jumped the fence for this great shot of the White House…NOT! Pretty sure that if I did, that dude on the roof would have shot me down in a flash.  (I actually put the camera through the fence rails for the photo).

USA2015_2000 (944)

Here I am sitting on the steps of the ‘Archives of the United States of America”. Apparently no one else trusted the bits of wire holding the columns in place, so I had the place to myself.

USA2015_2000 (921)

How cool would it be to work here?

USA2015_2000 (977)

We found Capitol Hill under maintenance and very few people around; just a couple of friendly local law enforcement officers.


We thoroughly enjoyed Washington D.C and by the end of our first day, we were officially recruited as agents for the FBI; secret squirrel agents 🙂