USA2015_1000 (784)

There is nothing left to say other than I became a bit of a squirrel whisperer on my recent trip to the USA.  I realize that they are viewed as destructive rodents by the locals, but alas, I was totally captivated by them!

I was amused and thoroughly entertained by these mischievous little guys and I found myself terribly distracted by them.  Here are a few of my favourite little men…and lassies! 
USA2015_1000 (794)

Caught stealing again!

USA2015_1000 (785)

I suggested he chew with his mouth closed.  He said, “No!”

USA2015_1000 (799)

Mr. Greedy. Not one, but two acorns!

USA2015_2000 (861)

Best meerkat impersonation.

USA2015_2000 (987)

Up the Magic Faraway tree!

USA2015_3000 (678)

“When there’s an acorn shortage, I will eat orange peel”

USA2015_3000 (16)

The beautiful Mr. Wizard Whitecoat.

USA2015_2000 (849)

The friendliest of all the squirrels that I met.

I talked she listened = best friends forever 🙂