Well, you’ve got one more day to join in on all the love and kisses at Sydney’s Darling Harbour Month of Love – Feb 5 to Mar 5.

I did a walk through at lunchtime and even though it didn’t quite have the splendour of what the night time’s illuminations would have, I still found that ‘love’ was all around…


“Mine!  Mine!  Mine!”

Yep, seagulls only know how to say one word and they love nothing better than a few crumbs tossed in the air for the sheer delight of catching them…and maybe eating them!


Enter from the right, tiptoeing seagull whispering, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Meaning, “If you flick me a chip, I promise to love you forever.”


Love was in the air above him all right, there was just no one around to reciprocate 😦

No matter, I think he was phoning a friend…


Awe, such a cutie!  Heart shape hands sending a message of affection from the tunnel of love.


Personally, I love pizza.

I also very much love this strategically placed rubbish bin and the fact that people actually use it 🙂