Sydney’s Bondi Beach is a brilliant spot to waste your day away.

Swim, surf, walk, or dine with a view…


This is standing at the waters edge looking north towards the multi-million properties.


This is looking south; again at mulit-million dollar properties!

If you’re going in for a dip, remember to ‘SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS’.  See them in the photo, the red and yellow flags? Even though the surf looks pretty tame and inviting, there are rips and they will take you!  That’s today lecture over and done with 🙂

While the beach is open, the famous Bondi Lifeguards (as featured on the TV show ‘Bondi Rescue’) are on hand should you get into difficulty.  They’re a nice bunch of people too, so give them a smile and a wave as you walk on by!

At the southern end of the beach, is ‘Bondi Icebergs Club’.  It’s an easy stroll around from Bondi Beach and it’s the building you see just above the water line in the centre of the above photo.

I did just that, and went for a walk…


Icebergs – looking down from the upper walkway.

Apart from the pools, there is also a bistro offering a drink or a meal with, you guessed it, a pretty impressive balcony outlook!


Looking back towards Bondi Beach. Clearly I was there early in the morning as by lunchtime, the beach ends up fairly full with sun lovers.


If you keep walking round past Icebergs, the coastline offers some spectacular views and interesting rock formations.


There’s a fisherman standing on the rocks in this photo.  You may have to zoom in to see him.  Crazy man!



After I trekked south, I walked back to the beach and up to the Bondi Pavilion for another bottle of water; such thirsty work in the blazing sun!


A grand old building that was constructed in the late 1920’s.


This beautiful Aboriginal mosaic can be found inside on the floor.  It almost felt like a crime to walk on it.


I think the artwork on the right pretty much sums up Bondi 🙂


I had a great day at Bondi Beach and if you, like me, turn up in thongs…don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet!  Ouch!  I need ice…now!