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Ailsa’s travel theme this week is ‘writing’

I have always been fascinated with how ancient civilisations developed their writing.

On a recent trip to ‘The Met’ in New York, I found some great examples.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs in the above photo are on the ‘Stela of the Gatekeeper Maaty’, dating from c. 2051 – 2030 B.C.

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The Temple of Dendur dates to the Roman Period, around 15 B.C. and while also having delicately carved hieroglyphs, it also has graffiti from more recent times.

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An example of the graffitti, of which we can all read and understand – DROVETTI 1816 & LPOLITI 1819 were both here.  Shame on them!

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This relief panel belongs to the Neo-Assyrian civilisation, c. 883-859

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A close up of the beautifully carved cuneiform text that runs through each relief.