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The spectacular Andean Mountains of Peru!

On our way to Machu Picchu, we spent four days trekking through them, up and over them and around them.

Today they feature on my blog as I play along with Ailsa and her travel theme for this week – ‘peaks’

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A room with a view!  A few peaks covered in snow and a few hidden by clouds.

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Day Two – “This is where we are, and this is the peak we are climbing today”.

‘Warmiwanuscca’ or ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ – little did I know, what a killer of a day it was to be!

Ten hours of trekking, with the air becoming thinner and thinner with each step up!

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A quick glance up at ‘Dead’s Woman’s Pass’.

This was the highest we climbed during our trek at 4,215 meters.

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Ouch! The peak of gasping for air!

Definitely time for a break to take in the view from the top of the pass.

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It was a welcome relief for our weary lungs once we began descending from the high altitude.

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We totally loved this trek and plan to do it again one day…