There are loads of hikes you can do in Petra, and we did this half day one to the top of Jebel Al- Khubtha for a view overlooking The Treasury.

(The grill you can see on the left hand side of this photo is the one that I mentioned in my post, ‘Petra: The Treasury‘)


Finding the start of the hike was a bit tricky because it is hidden from the main road. Basically you need to walk past the Bedouin stalls, take the stairs up one level, and then walk around to the left; as in, go behind the Royal Tombs.


Once behind the Royal Tombs, the start of the rock cut steps are then pretty easy to spot.


The colours and the patterns of the sandstone were so spectacular, I forgot I was going up hill. Β No, that’s a total lie; it was a killer workout on the legs! Think of being on a step-master for 35 minutes. Lol!


The stairs seemed endless and we found ourselves stopping for a breather, many times!


And yes, that was a sheer drop off to the side; no safety barrier rails in Petra!


Quite a few donkeys came past, and we learnt very quickly to give way or face being bumped down into the canyon below!


Eventually the ground levelled out to a sandy and rocky path, and we came upon a Bedouin tent owned by Aldi.

We stopped for a bit of a chat before continuing on our way, but not before first promising to pop in for tea on our return trip.


As we neared the outlook, the rocks and sand became a deep pink; almost rosy red. Clearly some tourists has taken the path of no return prompting the erection of a big sign showing the correct route!


We arrived mid morning, just as the shadow was lifting from the facade. It was only at this point that I understood the sheer height of the cliff face in front of me. Β One does not fully grasp the scale from the ground level from simply cricking ones neck up!


It was definitely worth the step workout for the view of The Treasury.

And yes, we did stop for tea with Aldi on the way back down. Β I don’t know what I enjoyed the most, the spectacular views across Petra from his tent, or his tales of living with two wives, ten sons and two daughters πŸ™‚