Like Lawrence of Arabia, I perched myself on top of my trusty Arabian camel, and with my head scarf draped across my face, I set off on a jolly good bopping ride!

There is no other way to describe the motion in my saddle other than bopping!



Such fab views traipsing through the desert.




A shot of four young intrepid travellers on a nearby hill dancing to the tune of ‘Sandstorm’.  I guess that’s what all the cool kids do theses days…


I wasn’t expecting to see fossils of shells and seaweed, but there they were; miles and miles away from the nearest ocean!


Time for a photo with the Saudi Arabian border behind us.  We didn’t venture too close because we could see sentry boxes and apparently they shoot and ask questions later.  No correction; they just shoot!


Off in the distance are the soaring ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’.

And finally, my favourite photo of Wadi Rum; taken by the guy pictured far left.

My husband and I actually have no idea who these four people were, but they followed us everywhere in Wadi Rum. We picked up quite early that they were travelling under assumed names…

Haha!  All jokes aside, we joined these four beaut adventurers on Jordan Track’s – Best of Bedouin tour.  A big shout out to Saleem at Jordan Tracks for such a wonderful trip through Wadi Rum.  I would thoroughly recommend this website if you are intending on visiting the region 🙂