Well, Beijing’s weather turned nasty and decided to hide the sun and bring out the rain!  Not to be deterred by the elements, we borrowed a couple of umbrellas from our hotel, and we set off for a day of exploration at the Summer Palace.

All the buildings featured traditional Chinese architecture and marvellously detailed artwork.

Oh look, its Lord Chen from Kung Fu Panda 2; locked up and tied down forever!  Yay!

We eye-spied ‘The Tower of Fragrance’ through the tree tops and decided to make our way there.

We took our time, admiring the beautiful grounds and waterways along the way.

I so hate signs like this! Choices, choices, choice….

I took too long deciding which way to go, so my husband threw me in the pot for ‘indecisive people’. Lol!

Despite the overcast and foggy day, as we made our way up, the views were just gorgeous.

We meet this bunch of youths who insisted on having a group photo with us.  Our ‘celebrity’ status continued for the duration of our stay in Beijing, so much so, that we actually thought maybe we should charge a $1 a snap and make a bit of money on the side!  Haha!

Getting up close and personal with the ornate ‘Tower of Fragrance’.

Inside the Tower of Fragrance, is the five metre high ‘Thousand-Hand Guanyin Buddha’.

On our way out, we went to the area near the northern palace gate known as ‘Suzhou Street’.  It is modelled on Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

While it is enjoyable to stroll along the waterfront and admire the ‘prettiness’ of Suzhou Street, I recommend only window shopping.  The charming shop owners are out to get the unsuspecting tourist, and fleece them of their cash!

This is me, the Dormouse, enjoying jasmine tea and nibblies. This photo was taken in happier times, before the horrendously inflated bill arrived…. 😦