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Who is the Dormouse?

Welcome to my blog!

These are my notes of my travels around the globe…and anything else I fancy to blog about.

When I am not exploring the world, I call Brisbane, Australia my home.

Port Isaac, Cornwall, UK 2013
Port Isaac, Cornwall, UK

“So what’s with the name?”

‘Dormouse Tidings’

Years ago, when I was a tiny tot, I was the Dormouse in Thea Pritchard’s ballet production of  ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

I had the most fantastic time and have very fond memories of having to constantly fall asleep at the tea party!

I already had a great love of tea parties prior to this and in fact, it was my plastic tea set that was used in the production.  

Needless to say, I totally fell in love with Lewis Carroll’s writings and I have continued to daydream of nonsense and fanciful stuff to this very day.

Squeak! Squeak! The Little Dormouse Aged 7 years.
The Dormouse
Aged 7 years.

Btw, those hot pants were white with red polka dots!  So totally cool…

So, when I was thinking of a name to use for my blog,  I came up with the name of the ‘dormouse’ because as I write my blog, I am more than likely to be doing it whilst sipping a cup of tea.  And ‘tidings’, well that just means I’m bringing you my latest news!


I’ve always had an incredible thirst for travelling and seeing the world!

I first took off overseas at the tender age of 17 to Tahiti. 

It was my first big adventure on my own and it didn’t quench my thirst, it just me thirstier.

I have become an explorer of the earth continents and so without any further adieu, I’m going to have a crack at blogging my travels.


Here’s a blast from the past from one of my all time favourite trips…

A blast from the past! Egypt 1984
Cairo, Egypt 1984

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